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Eddy Birth“Eddy Birth is the real deal… diverse original talent, a captivating performer and prolific songwriter.” – CHRIS STEINMETZ, Multi-Platinum Winning Engineer & Producer

Eddy is a passionate singer and multi-instrumentalist who focuses on melody and lyrics in his songwriting. After starting to learn how to play harmonica at the age of 13, he’s included piano, ukulele and accordion to his onstage skill set. Eddy uses songwriting to express his positive and negative experiences and emotions in a way that he hopes everyone can relate and gain comfort from.

Blending catchy melodies with thoughtful incisive lyrics, Eddy’s sound showcases the cohesion of multiple genres without getting bogged down in any one thing. There’s a little bit of rock, an ounce of pop, a splash of reggae, and a touch of hip-hop. Even with all of these genres coming and going throughout the album, somehow the soulful vocals and the instrumentation synthesizes to create something really special.  

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